Took the 3.2 DSG out today for my first proper play since picking it up on Wednsday evening

I was very impressed, having 4wd is a big plus compared to my LCR which wheel span to buggery with 265bhp going through the front wheels, now no torque steer just a smooth fast launch.
Handling wise on the B roads is good enough for me, I know some complain of understeer but quite frankly I do not have a racing drivers skill so I doubt I will ever reach the limit of the car when the understeer becomes apparent.
I have not tried the ESP off, foot on brake and accelerator launch yet so cannot comment on the maximum 0-60 time.
Tried all the combinations of changing gears but so far I prefer simply driving in "S" and "D" mode and letting the DSG do the work.
Luckily I have not encountered the delay at junctions yet.
I cannot be certain but I think it is faster than my LCR, it sounds far better and the cabin noise is less on the motorway, also I checked the computer when I got back home and the MPG was 24.7 which is 3mpg better than my LCR

In summary I am very happy.