Hi all!
New to the forum, and audi, and diesel - I had a mk5 Golf GTI previously but needed something a little more economical.

I've got an A3 8P TDI 170 S-Line, 3-door, DSG, in black. Had the car a couple of months and really enjoying the economy/mpg!
Standard car, pretty basic spec with leather interior and phone prep.

Mods so far... lowered on 50mm eibach springs, h&r spacers (8mm front & 12mm rear, arch screw removed on rear), pressed plates, wind deflectors, leather arm-rest, de-badge and rear de-wiper.
Standard 18" wheels done in gun-metal grey plastidip - thinking to redo in black until I can afford a new set.
Grill and surround in matt black plastidip, Audi badges also done in plastidip to match wheels.

Next minor things to do are brake caliper refurb, interior leds, rear blinds, and tint headlights/rear lights.
Longer term hopefully multifunction flat-bottom wheel, new headunit and updated rear lights.

More importantly I'm thinking remap (and possibly dpf removal), exhaust and air filter/induction kit.

Any suggestions on what/who/where to go?
I'm in Bedfordshire but don't mind travelling a bit if its worth it.
So far I've been recommended proflow exhausts in birmingham for a custom system for about £240 fitted.

cheers, Simon