Evening all, as per the title, purchased a 1.8t 160bhp sportback today (57), quite excited as although it's certainly not the fastest of cars out there, but it's nippy enough to keep me entertained!

A few quick Q's,

the grill has cracked, was going to replace with another s line grill but I am sure I saw a few members on here with rs3 style grilles without the badge? Thought that looked pretty cool!

Another thing, how do exhausts work on these cars? Really I just wanted to stick a down pipe on it. Reason for that being my friends golf gti with a full Milltek & dsg box sounds awesome but slightly too boy racer for my liking. If anything I want it to compliment the way the dsg box changes gear if that makes sense?
I know with most modern cars if you start to play with the cat etc they require a remap. It also seems to be very hard to find exhausts for the 1.8 tfsi.

Are there any other 'essential' mods people do that I should consider?

Any help appreciated!