Hi guys,
Just wondering if anybody can help me out please... But before i start let me just say for anyone looking to moan to me about me posting something thats been posted 100 times before. I am not spending any more time looking, and if itbwasnt for people keep posting threads it wouldnt be called a forum itbwould be called an electronic manual anyway... I currently have the big single grill fitted to my a3 3 door sport 2006 which i really like but prefer the s line version with the bottom lips if you know what i mean. I was wondering wether it will fit and if so will i need to modify anything or change any existing parts or replace things like lights or bonnets etc? Also am i right in saying that the year 2005 onwards to 2008 is the year s line bumper i need to purchase? Also will my exsting fogs etc fit? Finally can someone finnaly tell me what model 8 my car is ie is it a 8p? Many thanks Guys.