Hi, i own a 2004 1.6 Audi A3 Petrol and i am planning on adding some wheels to it, lowering it and replacing the single DIN cd player to a double DIN, just wondering if anyone has done it thanks?

I have been looking at the audi rs6 wheels 2010 and BBS LM. I can't decide, has anyone put these wheels on and fancy sharing them with me or got any wheels they recommend. also what size should i go for.

I want to lower but not loads just so it looks nice, iv been looking at 35mm has anyone done this and would like to show me or how much should i lower it by.

Finally has anyone fitted a double DIN head unit and upgraded the speakers if so what Head Units should i look at and what speakers and sub?

Look forward to the replies. Thanks. Your help will be very much appreciated.