Hi I started a thread a week ago on issues I was having after a re-map. I am now wondering if anyone can help with the 1 remaining fault code I have.

P1093 = Bank 1 fuel measuring system 2 malfunction

i know its a P code so could be anything. The short story is...had my S3 8P remapped and it didn't go so well. At about 4/4500 rpm the boost just dies and all power goes, the car jults severely and returns to normal. Only happens at that revs. Definitely an electrical thing, almost like the ECU kicks in and cuts everything. They suspected it was the Turbo DV valve so replaced that Flashed the car and replaced the coil pack and sparks and still happening although with the new DV valve it's now a lot smoother and going up to 5500 rpm befor it cuts.

Originally with the map it logged 4 codes now it's logging only the one above. We are kinda at a stand still now as it's like a needle in a hay stack situation.

Any ideas