Hi, I'm new (n00b) on here and i was wondering if anybody with knowledge on Audi's could help on a few matters, iv been looking through the forum so found bits of information.

Well after wanting an Audi for a while iv finally sold my Seat Ibiza 1.4 sport 100bhp and waiting to collect my Silver 06 plate Audi A3 Sportback 2.0TDI 140bhp... Actually buying it from a BMW main dealer as its a part ex, BMW are firstly getting Audi to give it a service check and Timing Belt change (60,000 miles on clock) so bonus!! ... So yeah i feel like a kid again waiting for my new toy!!!

Firstly i was thinking about remapping the car to get the best of both power and economy, thinking a custom map from John Ashley Exhausts in Walsall (i don't know much about remaps.
My friend has just brought a 2.0TDI Leon FR 170bhp so ideally would like to match this if not better, only problem being is that iv been reading varied opinions that a remap will cause the turbo to fail and as i am only just buying the car i would like it to last me a fair bit of time :/

Secondly i took the HID Xenon lights and ballast kit out out of my 05 Ibiza with intentions of putting them in my Audi, however iv read various opinions again saying they cause the wiper motor to fail. Thankfully read this before installing them but is there any way around it (i know i might get a bit of backlash from people who despise them but never been flashed before whilst using them) i got them £60ish from EuroParts.

Gunna change the stereo to a bluetooth/usb Sony one but that should be straightforward really.

Window tints and anthracite roof wrap with anthracite alloys can wait till the summer.

Last question that might be silly, is it possible to change the dashboard screen from lighting up orange and instead to be white/black like the slightly more modern version?

Any other opinions and easy changes/mods with pics would be greatly appreciated!!