Hi, i have a few minor issues with my car as follows:

(1) The passenger front door has dropped a little so it dont line up with the back door, and is slightly harder to open and makes a creaking noise when you open it? Possible new hinge needed?
Also, the bottom rubber seal on the door came loose so i had to tear it off lol because it was hanging down out of the car.. Where can i get one from?

(2) Parcel shelf is broken down the left side (the plastic hook bit which goes into the shelf) anyway to fix this to stop the shelf from moving around? Also, the parcel shelf clips have fallen out again where can i get these from again?

(3) my rear wiper is stuck in the 2 o clock position and dont work anymore? Possible new rear motor needed or could it be wiring fault?

(4) passenger front window dont go up and down properly? Its intermittent so i dont know whats wrong with it, anyone know how to fix this?

(5) need new viser clip for passenger side viser as it is broken? Any link to the parts?

(6) car shakes on idle. Drives fine through gears, just on idle it shakes. Mine is BKD engine so if anyone can help me with this?

Apart from this its spot on

I thank you guys for your kind help. All help will be appreciated. Hope you guys have a wonderful 2014