Hi I was wondering if anyone has installed an original Audi detachable tow bar (think its made by westfalia) and got and wiring instructions of can identify what goes where in the front of the car.

These cables below come from the trailer detection unit to the front foot well of the car.
the first image has connectors like they should end up in the fuse box, the second image looks like it should link through a connector, and I presume the orange cables should connect to the can bus somewhere.

2013-10-12 13.28.34.jpg2013-10-12 13.28.20.jpg2013-10-12 13.29.48.jpg

below is some images of fuse box area

2013-10-12 13.27.19.jpg2013-10-12 13.26.32.jpg2013-10-12 13.27.11.jpg2013-10-12 13.27.27.jpg

thanks in advance for any help.