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    Making a 2005 SportbackTFSI into a Black Edition

    Hi All,

    I was going to sell my A3 Sportback 05, but decided to explore the idea of spending a few quid on it and make it look like a black edition.

    Something along the lines of gloss blacking the:

    new rear spoiler

    Obvously new alloys and maybe get a new sports bumpers and side skirts but don'w want to spend a fortune.

    Has anyone done this or any rcomendations.

    Cheers all
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    If you want a full true Black Edition then you need to facelift it to a mid 08 onwards front end which will cost a couple of grand as you need to change your lights to the Xenon DRL's, new bonnet, wings and front bumper too.

    Of course you can just change your existing grille to a black one and tint the windows but it won't ever be a Black Edition "lookalike" until it's got the right front end on it.
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    Cheers for that, although if it costs that much i'll sell it and buy something else.

    If anyone has done something similar witout changing the lights etc, would be interesting to see how it looks.

    I don't want it to look sh1te, just a bit smarter. I was thinking of a budget around 1k

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    I reckon you should go for it. Not necessarily the full front end facelift conversion, but if you did the bits you listed then i think it'd look pretty smart.

    S Line bumpers and spoiler and a black grill would look nice I think.
    Oh, and speak to NHN about getting the facelift LED rear lights. I did this on my 2007 sportback and it made it look so much more modern.

    To be honest, the average person wouldn't know what a Black Edition was, or whether yours wasn't one anyway.
    I went from a dolphin grey 2007 Sport to a black 2010 Black Edition and it was almost 3 weeks before someone at work said 'have you got a new car?' I mean FFS it's not like they were even the same colour!

    What colour is your car at the moment? The only reason I ask is that I toyed with the idea of doing a black grill and window tints on my dolphin grey car, but after seeing one on here that was similar I decided I wasn't keen. If the car was almost any other colour then I would've done it.
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    Best option is to look for second hand facelift panels on eBay cheap (same colour as yours and gather them up to do a conversion.... I bought a facelift as didn't want the hassle.

    But I've changed to s3 bumpers relatively cheap... The skirts are 750quid tho.... I wouldn't waste your cash. I recon you could convert the front for 500 if your patient I will be swapping my front bumper for the s3 one soon but it'll be bare if your interested.



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