As I want to make some changes on the front end of my audi (s3 bumper), I found these two bumpers (that are closes looking to s3 oem bumper):
Audi A3 8P S3-Line Front Bumper

CSR-Automotive Tuningshop - Stoßstange Frontstoßstange Audi A3 8PA Sportback FSK165

Can someone tell me is this worth buying, and which is better in terms of material that is made of, firs one is abs second is fiberflex. I have already read all threads that i could find about this, and i know the oem is best and is almost straight fit, but used s3 front bumper is hard to find, and new one from audi is unfortunatly out of my budget.

Thanks in advance, and sorry on my not so good english.