I was almost sure I was a member but couldn't find the email I signed up so I have set up this account.

I have a A3 55 plate 1.6 with Concert stereo (non bose) and built in sub rear left panel.

I am trying to connect the Parrot MKi9200 Bluetooth thing with the screen etc.

Because of the car being (half Bose) I was told by numerous people to buy the SOT-1002HB.

Now I am a complete 'noob' and have very basic knowledge, so please explain in detail if possible.

It all seems pretty much plug and play however there seems to be a spare plug on the parrot after fitting the SOT harness. It's a grey plug with the words 'Mute in 1,2,3'. I have noted the SOT gives you cable for the 'Mute RSNE' which I am pretty sure avoids the need for the 'extra' grey mute plug. - is that correct?

Next question. On the SOT instruction it states the connect the long red wire to ignition switched supply. Can someone explain where to plug this in - in great detail ideally with pictures.

Just to confirm I connected all the wires to the stereo etc. except for that long red cable and nothing happened. The parrot kit didn't turn on so I am assuming once the red cable it attached hopefully that will be it? I that correct?

Heres the link I have been using - How to install Parrot kit into an Audi using SOT-1002HB

Thanks and I am sorry for being such an idiot but really want to get this done but don't have a scooby!