Hello peeps

wondered if you could share your skillz ( ask me anything about rx7.s and I can return favour haha)

ive read through the alloy wheel thread and still non the wiser to size I require.

I have a 2004 a3 3.2. S.line but I'm sure it's got lowering kit. From centre of ally to underside of arch is..335mm front. 340mm rear

im wanting some bbs lm reps.

Want to keep same width all round. So I can use 225 40 tires. Not into the stretched look so just want a nice factory et or with a little poke extra poke. Would 19 x 8.5 all round on et 45 work. If so . What bore do I need,
sorry for question but I'm confused haha

Im either gonna have 18" or 19"