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Yeah i was on this forum watching every post for about 3 months before i bought mine, and im very glad i chose what i did, its a poor mans S3, but im happy with that :P, and insurance was about 200 cheaper than the 3.2. make sure you give the forum insurance guys a ring as one of them did me a great price and were soo helpful.

Haha poor mans S3, I like it. Oh i didn't know there was insurance tied to the forum, only signed up earlier. Ill have a look for that, everyone's been super helpful aiding my decision, though im still not set lol.

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I've owned 3 Audis, one petrol and two diesels, personally I prefer the diesels for a number of reasons but imo the above car seems pretty good, ok the mileage is quite high but as previously stated by J8TTX as long as it's been looked after i.e cambelt and regular servicing it should be fine, I bought mine on 80,000mi it's now on 120,000 and still runs absolutely beautifully, I love the car! My mate has a 2005 2.0tdi with 240,000 miles on it and still going strong. Ideally it would be obviously be better to have lower mileage but the lower the mileage the higher the price!
Thats exactly it, I figure I get that one now, risk it, whatever you want to call it, or do I wait a couple more pay-days and get a 3-4K model, rather than 2-3? Tricky!