Hi, My Mum has an 2009 Audi A3 1.9 Tdi ( BLS engine code ) Recently the Engine management light came on, with the coil light flashing - I took car up bypass for 20mins, keeping rev`s up to clean out particulate filter but still the same.

I have run a scan with snap-on machine and it has reported the following code.

01350 - (P0546) Sensor 1 for Exhaust Temperature Bank 1 (G235) Short to Plus Intermittent

Ive changed sensor 03G 906 088 K which was a brown plug. ( exhaust temperature sensor 3 ? )

Also changed sensor 03G 906 088 D which is the Orange plug ( exhaust temperature sensor 1 ? )

Car still running with management light on, and coil flashing after changing these sensors, not sure what else to change or do with the car...

Any help would be great