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    Difference between full service history and full service dealer history


    I've got to do a service on my car and I bought it last month, up till now it's had full service history at dealers.

    Is it worth keeping this going (and paying £379) for resale value further down the line or am I better of going elsewhere and saving money.

    It's an Audi A3 2.0TDI Quattro S Line 2007!



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    If it has had dealer service history since 2007, id keep it going. £379 sounds alot. I just got quote £210 for mine

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    Might depend on what you want to do with the car..
    if your going to sell after a year or so then i would get a dealer service but if your planning to keep it for a long time it might not be worth you keeping the dealer history?
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    Full dealer service doesn't really mean much to me. If people love and look after their cars, then they generally keep all the paperwork. If I wandered up to someone for a sale and they handed over a nice wad of paperwork that showed everything was done that needed doing. I wouldn't give a monkeys if the service book had Audi stamps or not.

    When I sold my last car, I gave the guy an A4 folder full of everything from full exhaust and suspension replacement invoices, right down to invoices for replacement wiper blades and bulbs. He couldn't believe it. He sat there for 5 minutes looking through everything. I think it showed him that I looked after and loved the car. It only had one dealer stamp. The rest were all from a specialist. One known within that community. He had done his research, so he had heard of them.

    Some people get hung up on dealer stamps, but that isn't always necessarily a sign of quality or assurance. It may help with resale for some but it wouldn't put me off if you could show the car had been looked after.

    My A3 had dealer stamps up until when I bought it. In fact, some were missing, so I contacted the Audi dealers to get the missing stamps filled in. That was more about me being able to show regular servicing than showing Audi had specifically done it and I wanted the stamps in the book to match the invoices I'd been given by the previous owner.

    I now take it to AmD as they are well known, their work is good and their prices are much more competitive than the main dealer.
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    I totally agree with Tempy, I've only had my audi 6months but when it needs a service I'll be taking it to a specialist rather than Audi themselves as it saves me a few bob and I know the specialist does great work on VAG cars. As said previously depends how long your keeping the car.
    Some people (sometimes those that know nothing about cars) will only look for dealer history, regardles of whether they are a good dealer or not.......

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    If you're competant at doing things yourself just keep the receipts together, mark down the date & mileage when you fitted them or did the work (on the receipts) & write your own note in the service book. If its something like a major service or cambelt I'd then go to a specialist & get them to the work & stamp the book. Small stuff like brake pads, oil changes etc do yourself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by J8TT X View Post
    Might depend on what you want to do with the car..
    if your going to sell after a year or so then i would get a dealer service but if your planning to keep it for a long time it might not be worth you keeping the dealer history?
    To be honest that sounds good advice to me. If you are planning on keeping 2 yrs or more I'd use a good independent. Mines just gone over 100k with a full Audi main dealer history and to be honest I'm glad someone else paid for it before me as I really don't think it's worth the premium. I've had it just over a year and its cost me more to run than any other car I've owned! It's had a failed DPF which was ripped out and remapped with a regen delete, new injectors under warranty, new DMF and clutch & now I've got an intermittent ESP fault. It's also got a loud turbo having £50+ fully synthetic oil put in every service at the main dealer according to the paperwork / invoices.

    Use an independent that comes with a recommendation is my advice. By the way mines a 2008 A3 sport back 170 tdi.

    At the side of the two non-turbo Subarus I had previously I'm finding Audis very unreliable and money pits! Hope yours is better than mine!!!

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    Totally agree with what the guys have said above.

    Mine had full dealer service history but I find a good, decent indi garage are much more helpful than Audi themselves. I plan to keep my car for a while so I'll be taking it to the same indi garage for all the work that needs doing on it. Also, as said, keep all the paperwork you can!
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    It's all about what you can afford these days! Like previous posts, if I had bought new and wanted to ensure the best resale value I would grudgingly go to an Authorised dealer. However, If I buy a used car which was out of warranty I would go independent. My car is 8 years old now with 200k km's plus on it.....the last service was indie and stamped in the book. All previous are VAG and stamped in the service book....and I have obtained VAG service history sheets to back it all up. I keep every receipt for parts and labour with the garage recording the mileage on the invoice. I would like to think that if I decide to flog it, any would be buyer would be satisfied with documentary evidence and no need for an Audi garage stamp.




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