(this is the third topic for this, i hope it works now)

About a week ago my turbo blew/seized/broke. The exhaust side is seized and the compressor side is all bent and freely moving and pulling in and out?!! Dafuq?

Obviously it blew so the smelly gunky oil is everywhere, inlet manifold, intercooler hoses dripped oil out, exhaust.

So i started removing everything to clean it as the engine still ticks over although it had been running on engine oil for a good 3-4 minutes, but i think engine is fine!! (fingers crossed) Removed the turbo aswell and ordered a new one so should be here in a few days. I need a new oil pipe however (where can i get this from, audi job or anyone on forum sell them?) This is what i've done so far..

Spring clean lol.

Easy, will be fun putting back! lol

Can i clean camshafts etc with brake cleaner/ engine deagreaser and then pour new clean oil over it and drain from sump plug?