I know it's been a problem for owners of almost new cars, as per previous posts, so perhaps a badly worn almost torn roof on my 2009 31k miles car should be acceptable. But why the heck should it be? I managed 70k miles on a 1961 Sunbeam Alpine, 60K miles on a 1990 Mzda MX-5 and 30k miles on a Honda S2000 ALL with the same roof that showed NO signs of wear upon selling on. Neighbour has ageing A4 that has never seen a garage and roof looks like new. So much for my aspiration to own a 'supposed' prestige car.
I intend to register my anger direct to Audi UK H/O, copy to whoever might assist me or create bad publicity for Audi, but I think Mr J Hicks has been replaced. Any ideas people? ( have taken photos of hood wear today )