ive got a loud squeaking noise coming from the engine area only when the car is warm. ive had a few people look at it and it has gone from tensioners to pulleys to slave cylinder. the noise changes sometimes when you engage and disengage the clutch but not always. the hotter the car the louder the squeaking. when the engine is under load ie picking up speed the noise disappears but come back as soon as its coasting or if im cruising. i have had it on a ramp and stood underneath it and it seems like the noise is coming from where the gearbox is attached to the sump. i dont know whether to take it to a gearbox specialist or a mechanic! any ideas people?

ohh yeah btw this happened the following morning after driving through a foot deep puddle which ripped the tow eye cover/diffuser of the back of the car (which now wont go back on)

any ideas people because the noise is driving me insane!

furthermore ive also notices a slight nip in power when cruising? dont know if its linked but any advice would work wonders!

thanks Muz