Had my S-Line 1.4 TFSI for 4 weeks now and everything i think is fine, apart from two things that are starting to play on my mind!

Firstly it starts fine but I have noticed for the first 3 - 5 seconds of it starting there is like a flickering sound from the engine area. Then after it goes and everything sounds fine, I have not had any starting problems. Is this normal or is something on it's way out possibly??

Secondly and bit more worryingly is the smoke from the exhaust. I only drive 3 miles to work and it is cold at the minute so I know the car needs to warm up and its a bit of dampness. But when i put my foot down a bit I can see more smoke through the back window. Its seems a mixture of white and clear fumes, definitely not blue or black. Now I have 2 years Warranty with Arnold Clark so do you think I should get it checked out? Or am I worrying too much reading other posts?

Any feedback would be much appreciated