A3 2.0l TDi 2005 3 Door

Bought my A3 with known central locking fault a couple of months ago. Both remote fobs are dead (battery tested, red light works) and the key barrel for manual entry was inconsistent. Meaning that you could only gain entry after numerous twists of the key. However the immobiliser works perfectly well.

My garage supplied warranty doesn't cover remote locking, so I've had them fix the manual components instead. A new drivers side lock cylinder and lock assembly have been replaced. Although this has fixed manual entry I still can't use the remote.

The garage had a signal tester for key fobs and confirmed that key A is emitting a signal when a button is pushed on the fob, although Key B is totally dead - no signal emitted. Again both batteries have been tested on a multimeter and the red lights work.

Ive tried some of the resync procedures but they don't work (key A in ignition to first click, Key B in door to manually lock, unlock and press open etc). Nothing works.

What do you think? Is there a different resync procedure? I'd rather not visit the stealers if possible.

To confirm the car has no other faults, windows work perfectly, interior lock switch is perfect etc.