Help! I've just bought a (nice) 58 plate sportback. Compared to the gadetry on my Mazda 6, its rather basic. So, I need to scope out the following to mock it up to a SE spec to keep my good lady happy....

1. Centre armrest - seems fairly easy to do but want to check 2 things;
1.a Do you really need the audi part or will a generic one look & fit well?
1.b Can me - a novice DIY'er - do it at home?

2. Computer - can you easily add the
Driver’s Information System?
The screen now shows nothing but the gear!!!

3. Fogs @ front - indicative price & is it integral to a bumper - e.g. whole new bumper or not?

4. Parking sensors (for the wife obviously!) - particularly at the rear. Any idea on complexity & cost of fitting - again, a home job for a car novice?

5. Lastly, does the e on TDIe mean it has start stop, as erm, its not start/stopping? I know it was added later in the range and it may be that it was added after a 58 plate car.