This is quick guide for those who are having problems with the rear windscreen washers and have discovered a leak in the C Pillar. I really hope this useful for you. This is for a 3 door and I am not sure if it will be the same process for the Sportback. I found a couple of guides on the internet on how to remove the C pillar panel and to be honest they were a load of XXXX.

I discovered the leak after realising no water was actually reaching the wiper motor.

1) Firstly you will need to remove the boot mat. After doing so I found

under the space saver

2) Once you have removed the mat you will need to remove the plastic trim which covers the boot catch and holds the warning triangle. This is held in place by the two metal bolts which I have circled in red. Very easy to remove just pull it vertically

3) Next you will need to push the back seats forward and remove the luggage compartment side trim. Start by pulling the trim up over the storage net hooks and slide the clips out from where the back seat belts are held and then carefully pull as it is held in place by clips

7) Next remove the torx screw which is next to the seat belt. This is not really important to do however it gives you more space to play behind the trim if you don’t want to remove the trim fully, as it didn’t want to as it is connected the to the roof trim.

8) Finally you just pull the trim which is again held in place by clips and as you can see my pipes were disconnected

To prevent this happening again I did a homemade DIY job . I joined the pipes with some super glue and covered the connection with masking tape. I then totally covered the masking tape with super glue and left to dry. When I returned the tape was rock hard I then covered that with PVC tape and for even extra safety I wrapped a sponge around it and held that in place with cable ties.

Am sure you don’t need my help now on how to put everything back