i didn’t want my first post to be asking for help but am in need of some. I have looked on the site but i cant fined anyone with the same fault as me.

i was just about to go to the scrappy to pick up a rear window wipe motor when i thought i would check the fuse to see if it was ok, so when i got there i could try the new motor before i bough it. While checking the fuse i also check the abs fuse as it comes on now and again but pulled one or two other fuse's out by mistake while looking for the abs one. i then put the covers back on and went to start the car to see if the abs light was off but the car started then cut out. I tried again but this time i noticed the dash cluster wasn’t lighting up.

i have check all the fuse's there all ok. i have tried my other key same thing happens, i have run torque app on my phone to check for fault code but its clear. I have also disconnected the + battery wire but the fault is still there.

i have seen something about putting the to battery wires together for 15sec to discharge the ecu or something like that but i haven’t tried this as am unsure about doing it incase i blow a main fuse or something.

anyway here is the link to the vid so you can see what’s going on:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3Lj_fEX9fc&context=C3e92011ADOEgsToPDskJ4 DRMvqR7mP_i_6_NzSY9C

any help is appreciated cheers scott