helllo again

I have developed a very annoying crackle/pop from the center/dash speaker

was wondering how do i remove the speaker, as the vent/grille is pretty firmly put on, is it just a case of a flat end screwdriver to prise the grill out and voila?

any advice welcome

i have also been advised that the vent/grille is a problem when trying to get out the best quality sound, and other forums have suggested chaning the vent/grille? is this worth my time?

on a plus note got a AUX input from bassjunkies for £30 and audi removal keys from ebay 'motorguarduk' for £1.10 :D

now i can listen to the music on my iphone but only with a crackling sound due to the speaker

also having the FK AK Street sport coilovers fitted this afternoon, so il update on the ride

Thanks for any advice in advance...