Hi I have an Audi A3 1.6 sport 2004 reg which is giving me alittle problem.

My car seems to bunny hop/ or judder what every term is appropriatewhen changing gear to second to third and back from third to second again. Thisproblem doesn’t happen all the time but getting a bit concerned. I have done aservice on the car. Which has had.

New spark Plugs
Oil change
New air filter
New oil filter
And Red X in to petrol tank

I have had previous problem before which I got fix. I basically had a engine rebuild (new pistons)because had black fumes which my piston need changing. also water pump and twonew fans because my engine over heated which cause pistons to mess up. But nowbeen repaired.

But car seems to bunny hop/ judder when going to second orthird gear slightly. What to know whatthe problem may be. Been told it could be the petrol filter need changing but not sure and wondered if someone had the same problem who could give me advice