Sorry if this has been posted before, but i've struggled to find an answer.

Got my car serviced in december, service light reset etc. Recently i've been getting a service message when i turn the car on. Checked though the dash info computer display and it basiscally says i need to change oil (done around 10,000miles since the service). I'm happy enough to do that myself, but how do i reset the oil service light, and keep the main service countdown uneffected?

Found something on wikianswers but not sure whether this is for the oil light or normal service, and don't wanna cock things up lol:
0. Display reads "Service!" when you first start the car.
1. With the ignition key in the off position, push and hold the right button under the speedometer. This is the button you use to reset the trip odometer also.
2. Turn the ignition key to the on position, but don't start the engine. Keep holding down the right button while you turn the key.
3. Push the left button under the tachometer. Your service light should reset to say something like "Service in 8100 miles."
Any help/advice would be much appreciated.