Hi all,
I have a factory fitted concert II system with sat nav in my car.
Recently i have come to use it and nothing changes on the Dis.
This was working, before the battery died in the winter.

This is from the latest vag com scan.

Address 37: Navigation Labels: Redir Fail!
Part No: 4B0 919 887 E
Component: BNS 4.2 H05 BNO 0050
VCID: 356A238A631B60B4

No fault code found.

ddress 56: Radio Labels: 8P0-035-1xx-56.lbl
Part No SW: 8P0 035 186 HW: 8P0 035 186
Component: concert II EU H53 0060
Revision: 08S Serial number: AUZ2Z3D2130996
Coding: 0001011
Shop #: WSC 06435 000 00000
VCID: EFE651E2C1C79A64

1 Fault Found
00858 - Connection; Radio ZF Output to Antenna Amplifier
011 - Open Circuit - Intermittent

I know and am fixing the antenna issue.

Any ideas ?