Posted this in another thread about alignment costs but it's probably better in a therad of its own......

Had my tracking done the other day (It was done on a Hunter system I think), but not totally sure I understand it.

Here is the printout:

I take it the green results are ok and the red results are bad??
Just on top of each result there are two other numbers (smaller font). I guess these are the values that the result should be between??
There are a couple of grey sections too (front caster) with no result in it. Don't know what going on there.

So... any experts here can give me their thoughts on my results??
Should I be asking the guy who did it why some of the results are flagged as red??

Also, I noticed that at the top it says "Standard Suspension". Mine is a Sport so 15mm lower than standard.
Would there be an option of Sport or S-line for the tracker to choose?? Or would "standard" just cover all factory suspension??

Loads of questions, I know!