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on his dyno plot boost its between 25-30lb of compressor flow

Garrett say: "As a very general rule, turbocharged gasoline engines will generate 9.5-10.5 horsepower (as measured at the flywheel) for each lb/min of airflow"

237bhp - 315bhp range using the above extremes of airflow and calculation

online comparison calculation:

to get lb/min to g/s which is what you can log with the vag-com from your mass air flow meter
25lb/min = 189g/s
30lb/min = 226g/s

log yours with vag-com and report back

host of compressor maps here>> http://s4wiki.com/wiki/Garrett_compressor_maps

292g/s - 367bhp for tuffty by the rule of thumb from garrett
That is most interesting....

For all those (like me) who wanted to know how to convert their g/s to lb/min it's very easy....

Multiply the figure your have for g/s by 0.1323.

For example, my airflow is 208.46 g/s * 0.1323 = 27.579 lbs/min.

Which obviously equals 3 million BHP

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