Hi all, I'm new to this forum, I've just bought a A3 8L 1.8T sport sooooo cheaply! I've been googling things that I would like to modify on it and I gave up with all the cack that google produces in a search, So I came back to the good old forums....

Things that I would like to modify but can't find any good factual information on...

  • The brakes, I'm looking at the brembo GT package that AMD sell, can anyone vouch for these?
  • I'm deffinately buying the sportec wheels from AMD also as I have fallen in love with them, Just can't decide between 18" and 19", which tend to look better? (party involves the next question)
  • I want to lower the car so the wheels sit nicely inside the arches, about 1" all the way around, this obviously involves suspension changes, what should I buy to achieve this and where from?
I think that's about it for now, I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can answer any of these questions.