Hi I have an Audi a3 1998 1.8 turbo I have had it about a month now has done 100000 miles and has only had to owners ladies as well I have started hearing tapping noises from the gear box but when I put my foot on the clutch it goes away its really quite but having cars what brake in the past Im well paranoid with cars I think it might be the thrust bearing well Im hoping so any way, also a bit more info about it sometimes it wont let u stick it in to 1st gear so what u have to do is take your foot of the clutch then back on then its fine, when you are slowing down you can hear a slight whine and when u pull off quite quick you here it again too I have had a listen and I have seen the car has had a gearbox change already as it has a vw gearbox in any help would be great cheers Lewis