Just had one of my tyres replaced. Got it fitted at Kwik fit cause I got a cuz there and got it done for free. However, this was the first time that the tyre was replaced since I bought it. Now my tyres are 18inch and when the guy took of the wheel there was a spacer there. He fitted the new ones and then seemed to find it difficult to put the spacer back in place till he told me there was no need for it as the tyre was not moving around. My cuz persuaded me that this was ok. At the time I told the guy to put the damned thing back on no matter how long it took. It was there before and I wanted it back on. However, my cuz convinced me that it wasn't needed.

Now I have no probs driving but it is playing in the back of my mind. Just wanted to know whether the spacer should be put back on??