Evening all - probably a strange question this but I have a A3 TDI 130 Sport - 3 door with T-Sport 16" alloys.

Im needing to get something with 5 doors and a slightly softer suspension. I really fancy the same car but maybe SE instead of Sport but im concerned the suspension maybe like a boat.

I had a MK4 TDI Golf and it came without the sport suspension and it was awful - the current car I have is miles better.

Has anyone driven both - or can anyone tell me how soft the SE model is?

Between the potholes, hardish leather seats and Sport suspension my current A3 is simply too harsh with a couple of very young kids in the back so its probably got to go I will probably have to travel to get an SE model and dont want to both if its going to be like a boat.

My other option is another MK4 Golf GT Tdi with the sport suspension as IIRC it wasnt that firm - or some 15"s back on the current A3 but I dont think that will make much difference.

Any advice appreciated - Carl.