Can't sort a droning noise out from the nsr of the car, I'm convinced something is wrong causing the tyre to wear strange but after searching this forum it seems a lot of people have trouble with the Goodyear F1 tyres getting noisy when worn and feathering etc.

Taken a few people round the block in my car and everyone thinks it's a bearing thats knackered, the noise alters though dependant on road surface, would this happen with a worn wheel bearing?

Decided I would price up the rear wheel bearings, from the main dealers roughly 50 each. Decided I don't really have tools to do the job myself (press) so got a price for fitting. One audi dealer quoted 600 - 700 including parts, another 341+vat+parts, they also said the car would need tracking afterwards which I didn't think it would.

I didn't book it in at either, I rang my local vw dealer that I have used for years as I thought it must be the same as an r32, they quoted 128 a side all in.

Was going to book it in there but wondered if that was a good price, it seems good to me, or should I change the tyres first?