Hi Guys

As some of you will know I've been looking at A3 TDI (8P) but as I'm currently renorvating a house with my brtoher (this is the reason I'm looking for an A3 as my current car is a classic Mini which is a 1999 special edition and I don't want to sell it nor do I want to use it everyday!) Earlier today I went to se a 2000 W A3 1.8T Sport 5 door in Red with leather sunroof 6 disc changer etc... 1 owner full service history they want 2800 for it it's a one owner and has done 91000 miles they accept 2500 I am seriously tempted But I need a bti of advice please

When shuold the cambelt/timing chain be changed??

How much roughly does it cost to have it done?

Shold there be a parcel shelf or does it have a roll out one like on the Avants?? It was getting dark when I got to see it but plan to go and have a look in the day light as it is only round the corner

Any other advice would be greatly received