Hi all i am slowly getting around to sorting out a few little glitches i noticed when i bought my car form a few weeks back, so far new temp sender,coil pack, And have a massive full service tommorrow including cambelt tensioners and every thing else etc,

Anyway i have a problem when on boost sometimes when i change gear the revs rise suddenly like im pressing the throttle with the clutch down, sometimes they shoot up like 500rpm it only happens when on boost, and does not always do it more so now though,Its really anooying and getting me down,

i have checked the clutch for slippage doing a few normal tests like putting into 5th doing 30 etc all seems ok and to me no signs at all of slippage my friend has drove it said no signs of slippage as well,

Does any1 know what it could be?? i heard about a clutch switch but is this only if you have cruise control?? Also could it be a sticking throttle body? or would it do it all the time? i think i have a leaky recirc valve which im going to replace, do you think they might pick it up on the service,

thanks any help would be great, loving the car but this problem only started last week and its bugging me,

cheers Oski