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    hmmm Swiss jet washes and wash centres.

    Why can we not have these in the UK! ?

    It's a public holiday here in Switzerland today, so took the S3 for a well earned birthday down the jet was centre. They have 5 bays, plus a hoover bay with 5 massive hoovers, you can buy scented wipes for interior and windows from vending machines etc etc.

    I bought a sponge, (proper non synthetic sponge) the jetwash machines are excellent, you put in your coins, (no silly tokens) and 5f (about 2.50) gave me 9 minutes use, and you can uses any of 6 programs in your time.
    First the "lavage", took me by surprise as is super powerful and BOILING HOT too with thick suds, the wheels just came up 100% from that! There is then a rinse option, then a brush (did not use!!) then a filtered rinse (soft water) then a liquid wax, then a final shine rinse with different filtered water.

    Car came up mint, but was wet, so I nipped off round the bypass to blow the water off, came back and a guy in black mk4 was in the bay. I put mine in the hoover bay, he came over into the next bay, car dripping wet, it was super sunny! I thought, hahaha, loads of watermarks fella!! So he hoovers his car out, was there 45mins, then he moved if away, and I thought, hang on, where is all the watermarks, ......? It looked absolutely spotless!

    I applied a coat of "dure" wax to mine, the only thing the garage had, using their polishing cloth whihc when I opended the bag was COTTON WOOL!!! But the polish went on nice with it, I had a microfibre to finish it. Then did all the interior out, including gthe industrial hoover from hell sucking up the rubber mat out the bottom of the pen tray by the handbrake!! lost forever now!!

    Had some leather wipes in the vending machine, did the seats, then used an apple fragrances mat dash polish and did all the windows wiht the vending machine wipes too.

    Whole car done, totallymint, infact, in the sun, it looked better than I ever got it with my zymol at home! real sparkly, but the briliant sunshine and clear air help the look I reckon.

    Overall I spent 16 francs at the wash place, I bought some wax and polishing cotton wool for an additional 19 francs whihc i still have. I was there three hours overall!!

    But what a great place, real top notch gear, great results, and busy and a busy thing. They regulate washing cars at home over here as far as I know, but if i had a centre like this local to me, I would not bother oding it at home, it is so convenient, you dont need to clear up and tbh, it is cheap as chips for what you get.

    Unfortunately I dont have a camera so canot post a pic, but is it truly mint and the frst time I have done it proper since I PC corrected and zymoled at Xmas.

    Someone bring them to the UK! ! ! Same low price too!

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    I think you need to get some pics up Simch



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