Recently drove my '01 S3 from London to Toulouse then to Andora for some skiing/shopping.

Initially, I was a little worried about the ESP having a little trouble in the snow and ice. Those worries were soon forgotten as I drove past many cars with wheels spinning. The ESP light activated once I floored it in 2nd gear, just to see what would happen... it reduced the power to that wheel and gave me a smooth getaway.

What a simply amazing machine that can cruise on the motorways then climb a mountain of snow and ice with the greatest of ease! Well done Audi, your AWD system worked a treat!

Just about to get the 18" RS6 alloys (17" at the mo), REVO chipset + switch, and upgrade the hose.

I do, however, have one gripe; a few little noises lurking around in the cockpit - anyone know a good shop in SE London that can deal with that?