My S3 souds very loud on start up and under acceleration (almost like a rally car/ scooby etc). You can really hear the turbo and the engine noise is a lot louder than normal.

I had the car serviced last friday as the engine light had also come on (turned out to be coil pack 1 had gone so replaced all four together with new spark plugs just in case). But when i picked the car up the noise is still there - the mechanic said he thinks the exhaust manifold is blowing but I thought manifolds were made from a very thick piece of metal and it was more common for the fixings to expire first?

Question 1 (The worst case) - Does anyone know how much a new exhaust manifold is likely to set me back? - also if i have to replace it could anyone reccomend an uprated / better quality manifold to use rather then OEM?

I've done a search and some S3's have also had problems with the exhaust manifold gasket (although i'm not quite sure what this is )

Question 2 (The slightly better case) Is it worth replacing this gasket first and does anyone know how much these cost? - I guess it has to be done whilst the car is on a ramp but if anyone could confirm it'd be appreciated.

I don't use the car very often but I don't want to damage it if i do take it out so

Question 3 - (The time to get a suit-case) If i drive the car as is, is this likely to cause more problems?

Any help would be appreciated