Well time hasnt been on my side recently so it was nice to have a chance to play with my cars today

Bought a couple of stickers at ultimate dubs so decided to put them on (Love em or hate em!)

Also put on the MK1 Polo GT badge courtesy of Simmo (Cheers fella)

Found some really naff dice caps so thought id put them on to make it extra pimp!

Have had this little lot collecting dust in the downstairs bog for too long so thought i would trial fit them

Taken them back off now though as need to sort out an early front grille so it doesnt look ****!

On the S3 i fitted some LED sidelights (YES THE FAMOUS EBAY ONES!) as they shine a closer colour to the Xenons, the standard yellowish bulbs looked pony.

Also fitted some aero wipers so i can see where im going when the heavens open

Also found on my camera the only 2 pics i took at Ace Cafe!

And finally i couldnt not include a pic of TTej's sweet TT seeing as he popped in for a chat!

Cheers fella, hope the sticker looks cool on your MK1 !

Tomorrow i clean the bloody things!