hi i am new to this and decided to become a member to see if anyone out there can help me. I sold my audi a3 1.8t sport over two months ago to settle for a audi s3. before i sold mine there seemed to be loads around for sale. I alway check ebay and up early for the trader on a thursday also been on pistonheads but still carnt find one. yesterday i went to view a blue facelift model with the blue seat he said it was mint on the phone as i said i would bother if it was tatty. Any way after getting a lift and a hour and a half drive i got to the s3 as soon as i pulled up behind it i knew it was a wasted trip. He made out it was total standard it had lexus rear lights lowered 60m and all the alloys were badly damage. After looking at the car more front fog light didnt work , bumper scuffed, drivers door card hangigd off , hole in the roof lineing , switches missing, uprated stereo hanging out , battery cover missing, and a amp wireing kit just thrown in it was up for £9800 didnt bother with it wouldnt mind doing a few jobs on one but this has not been looked after one bit how can people do this to a car like this.

Any was i have £9000-£9500 cash for a good one want one under 65000 thousond and full history you guys must know where these a nice one hideing any help would be great as i dont want to buy anything else please help and a big thanks for takeing your time to read all this
cheers stuart