Hi Guys/Gals

I have been offered these coilovers which are apparently as new for the Audi S3.

This is the kit (same kit for sale)

I have a few question about this kit on my 02 S3.

1) Some kits use a helper spring, as you can see this kit does not. I have been told Helper Springs make the ride firmer and are more designed as a Sport Kit.

2) Is the kit above the 'Comfort' H&R Coilover kit?

3) I love my comfortable ride, will the H&Rs make my kidneys rattle and make my ride uncomfortable? My car is a daily driver and there are alot of crap roads in the area (potholes, rutts and joins) so im after a setup that will make riding this easier. I am using standard 17" OEM Wheels with the Standard Bridgestone Tyres.

I must stress that I dont want a harser ride than now, although I do want to bring the car down maybe 20mm , especially the back of the car.

Is this kit going to do what I want? Comfort over Sport??

And is this kit the H&R COMFORT kit?

Please help!

ps: the price is VERY good!! 1/3 the price of retail and they have covered 10,000kms