I just wondered if anyone else has wired up the AGU for a standalone. Just a little project for something to do.

I've got a J220 T80 connector on its way from the states which I plan to make a plug and play with EMS-Pro. As far as I can tell the only hardware change needed is a 2 wire bosch Idle valve as the stock one uses a stepper motor in the throttle body and this isn't supported by the simple EMS-Pro. I was going to use microsquirt but the inbuilt MAP sensor and boost control on the EMS-Pro swung it.

Ultimately going to swap the ECU over to an AEB powered A4 TQS, uses the same connector but will need a few wires re-pinning.

For those that have done this how far off am I, I'm sure I'm missing a few grounds.

Relevant AGU ECU pins I think I've identified.

AGU pin Desciption Required
1 F v12 12v switched
2 Ground Engine harness
3 12v DC
4 Fuel Pump
5 Ground
6 RPM Tacho output
7 Ground
9 Ground
20 VSS
25 O2 signal
26 O2 Ground
27 O2 heater
53 Coolant
54 IAT
62 TPS signal
64 Boost/N75
67 Ground 220 engine harness - sensor ground inc TPS
69 F-idle use 2 wire valve, stepper motor not supported
70 Ign-B Cylinder 2 750 ohm resistor
71 Ign-D Cylinder 4 750 ohm resistor
75 TPS vref 5v TPS
76 Crank Position Sensor Hall sender 1/4 watt 10k resistor
77 Ign-A Cylinder 1 750 ohm resistor
78 Ign-C Cylinder 3 750 ohm resistor
68/60 Knock
73/65 Inj-1 cylinder 1/4
80/58 Inj-2 cylinder 2/3