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    Hazards and Fault Code 01366 - Ideas Please

    Good evening all, I'm hoping some experienced person will be able to help me out with a problem which has just crept up with my 2000 AGU A3.

    The symptoms I am experiencing is the hazard lights flash automatically. I can turn the hazard lights off by pressing the switch, this works for all of about 1 or 2 seconds then the hazards start to flash again. I have tried turning the ignition on, and the engine on to try and stop the hazards from flashing again after I turned them off, this is not always working. After a bid of playing around, the hazards will stop flashing after I turn them off, but I cant find a pattern to follow. It even started to flash automatically when the engine was running. I now don't trust it, as I do not know if the hazards will start flashing automatically again. I don't want it to start in the middle of the night, drawing attention to the car and also flattening the battery.

    I also noticed that the Passenger Side Airbag Light keeps flashing when the ignition is switched on, or the engine running, it will only stop flashing when I turn the airbag off with the switch in the glove box.

    I have checked for fault codes and I come up with 01366 - Opened due to crash signal. I have cleared the fault code, and after an ignition cycle, it reappears. After checking the Ross Tech Wiki, it mentions clearing the fault codes and checking the Wiring/Connectors from/to Airbag Control Module (J234).

    Where is the Airbag Control Module located, I have googled it and from what I can find (based on a Golf) it is behind the ashtray behind the dash - could someone confirm this.

    Has anyone any other ideas as to what to check/look for? Should I check the connectors under both drivers and passengers seats?

    Any help from you guys will be appreciated.
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    The hazard lights thing could be your hazard light switch in the center console acting up. Can't probably know for sure until you try replacing it with a working one. The hazard switch failing is a pretty common thing on these cars, but yeah you cannot really know for sure until you replace it. If you have a pal with the same car who is willing to lend his for testing then it would be a good and cost efficient idea.

    About the second problem. I'm now kind of shooting in the dark but seems like there's been a crash with the car and bags have deployed? Could it be that the airbag control module itself has crash data in it now? I've heard people reprogramming them after crashes. Heard both positive (it's cheap!) and negative (don't know if airbags will open right on time and if it will actually work) things about it. Could be that it has crash data in it, could be it has been badly reprogrammed or could be wiring. Either way you're going to need to get to it. Getting there is a bit of a hassle and I've done it once.

    Here is a picture of where it's at:
    Here is another picture from a different angle:

    Yes it is located under and behind the center console way to the front of the car. You're going to need to take out the lower center console, the center console itself, the glovebox, the plastic under and around the steering wheel (which extends to the pedals and has the light switch and etc.). Before messing with any airbag things disconnect the battery and wait for about 5-10 minutes for the condensers to dry out. Avoid static electricity aswell. Nothing should happen but you never know with these things. Always best to stay safe.

    If you have any questions about getting to the unit I can help you out with best to my knowledge. I still have some pictures from the time I dismantled mine around. Hope you get your things sorted, I truly know what a PITA dealing with the airbag system is. Hope this helps!

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    It will be the hazard relay thats faulty, they are about £40 from main dealers and they are built into the hazard light switch, the whole unit will need to be replaced, will take about 20-30mins, just be careful not to damage the surround.



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