Everyone quotes 0-60 times, but I feel 30-70 times are a much better reflection on a cars real world performance IMO. This applies especially to the S3 as 1. you won't want to replicate 0-60 times too much or your clutch will be gone and 2. it needs 3rd gear to hit 60.

I was wondering if anyone knew how Autocar did their timing? I always thought they did a 0-100 (or whatever) and timed each increment?

The reason I'm asking this is: using the speedo I did mine and kept getting below 5 secs. I've even recorded it on my phone (safely, it's the perfect size to wedge in the steering wheel pointing at the speedo) and it looks to be a similiar time. Though mine is chipped, that would make it "too" fast!

Anyone else timed their cars?