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Thread: N249 hose leak

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    N249 hose leak

    Hi l had posted an earlier thread regarding a possible boost leak on my A3 2002 (8L) 1.8T AUM.

    After spraying easy start on to all the vacuum hoses i discovered that when i sprayed it on the hoses under the black metal plate infront of the inlet manifold, the car would rev a little higher.

    The background to the initial problem is a CEL with a MAF sensor problem and a system too lean on bank 1. I had the MAF replaced with a bosch 1 and the codes cleared. 3 days later the CEL is back on. The car feels like its hesitating on boost and it feels lumpy and rough. I have cleaned TB, Injector cleaner, replaced 1 coil pack.

    I was initilaly thinking o2 sensor, but have been put off and started hunting for a leak. I read on a thread about smoke testing, but could not find anyone to do it. So l found another thread and it suggested using starting spray. Hence i did and its coming from the pipes which l beleive are the N249 or N112.

    So i have been reading all night about the N249 delete and its pro's and con's. I dont know whats the best to do and if l could even do it myself ??

    I guess my question is could this change in revs when the spray was sprayed on these particular hoses be the cource of my problems, or am l way off ??

    Sorry to repost the same problem, but thought l would better explain and get as much help as l can !!


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