Hi, today I installed my new RNS-E to my AUDI A3 8L from 2002 with CAN BUS, all was ok, except 2 things, the nav didn't turn on with ignition and I don't see the information on DIS, the original radio that comes with the car was Concert II, and when i connect Concert II all works great, DIS information and Turn on with Ignition, then I put the RNS-E and don't work.

RNS-E works with light switch and with remote control at steering Wheel.

I was reading that post: Help Needed With A3 8L 2002 RNS-E Install | Audi Forum

And they talk about Confort CAN and infotainment CAN, and they say that I have to recode the RNS-E for an AUDI A6, if i don't recode the instrument cluster won't understand the CAN information from RNS-E

I want to know if that is true and what i can do?

Thank you all for your attention, and sorry for my bad english.