car is 2001 S3 with the bose sound system.

the setup i have was this double din sterio with bose speakers

today i started a double din to single din conversion and been easy so far. this is where im at.

i bought a radio wiring harness on ebay for putting in an aftermarket sterio which looks like this

and ariel connection

i plugged all connections together and nothing worked. completely dead. i checked some of the connections with a multimeter and the power was there. i tried 3 different sterios and all the same. what i did notice with the new wiring harness, is where the power connector block is only 2 wires match up with the original strerion connector block. the other 3 wires are going in the unused pin sections. so problem has to be there.

here`s a picture of audi connector block

and a picture of the conversion harness

only red and black match up to each other and the rest are going nowhere. has anyone come across this before or is my new convertor harness been put together wrong? and if so where are each wire supposed to go?

also need some advice on my ariel connections. at the moment i have a normal ariel connection and another lead which look like this

i bought this ariel lead below. where does the blue loose wire go ?

many thanks in advance.