Hi, i've got a 2001 225 s3 and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or could help with what it could be.

i was turning left out my street when i let the clutch out in 1st i got a snap sound and then a grinding noise as tho it was half in gear but the speedo went up when i accelerated,i managed to get it on the curb and tried
every gear as i thought i'd snapped the 1st/2nd selecter again as i've done that before but as i tried every gear
it still made the grinding noise and the speedo went up,then i tried 1st again and it stalled. So i started back up
and it went into 1st and off i went back home as i didnt want to drive it. Tried it again this mornin but it just grinds when in gear
unless i dip the clutch a few times then it seems to find the gear and i can move it. The gear stick is fully in the gear but it makes the grinding noise as tho its half way in gear.